Child Support

“Child support” refers to a specific amount of money owed by a parent for the benefit of the parties’ minor children. Child support is calculated based upon the gross incomes of each party, the number of children the parties have in common, and the number of overnights the children spend with each parent. Depending on the circumstances, other minor children residing in a parent’s home may also be considered when calculating child support. A free child support calculator can be found at:

Additional Forms of Support for ChildrenHealth Care Expenses

In addition to child support, both parents are generally required to provide health insurance for the benefit of the minor children so long as it is available at a reasonable cost. Usually, each parent is responsible for one-half of the monthly insurance premiums associated with coverage for just the minor children. Each parent is also responsible for one-half of all reasonable out-of-pocket medical and dental expenses incurred by either parent for the minor children.

Child Care Expenses

In most cases, each parent is required to pay one-half of all work-related child care expenses incurred for the benefit of the minor children.

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