Oftentimes, appearing in court is neither necessary nor desired. In these instances, you may be best served by negotiating with the other party through mediation.

Mediation is a forward-looking process where you and the other party discuss unresolved issues in your case with the assistance of a neutral third-party known as a “mediator.” Mediators do not act as judges, so you need not prove anything to them or try to persuade them that your position is right. Similarly, mediators cannot act as an attorney for either party, and are not there to give advice regarding your legal rights and obligations. What mediators do is simply facilitate the communication between the parties by identifying topics to be discussed, keeping communication between the parties civil and to the point, and occasionally helping the parties brainstorm ideas.

Ms. Warner strongly believes in the mediation process, having seen its success in even extremely difficult cases. In addition to participating as an advocate for individuals in numerous mediations, Ms. Warner is a Court-Qualified Mediator. If you are interested in mediation, please contact Ms. Warner to discuss your options.


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